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DIAMONDS TAKE FOREVER is unlike any other chic-lit book I have ever read. From its unique storyline to its diverse group of characters DIAMONDS TAKE FOREVER is sure to bring new author Jessica Jiji into the spotlight. While Michelle’s search for romance is the main stay of the story it is the things that she learns along the way that sets this story apart. I would definitely recommend DIAMONDS TAKE FOREVER and I will be waiting to see what Jessica has in store for us next.

— Dina Smith, Romance Junkies . . . read more . . . >

Diamonds Take Forever by Jessica Jiji is a book that you can relate to no matter where in the world you are. The book seems as if a movie is playing out in your mind, letting you see the key players as they deal with real life situations like all of us do. At one time or another we have all had the wrong guy and searched for Mr. Right as Michelle does, hoping that we find him. That search of Michelle’s captivated me as I read page after page to find out if love would really find a way to make it all right with her. I found myself cheering Michelle to get her wish. While you are shown the melting pot of America you are also shown that despite all our differences we can all get along together and help each other out–as Michelle finds out when her life is going haywire.

“While this is her first book, Jessica Jiji has impressed me with how well her characters came to life on the pages. Not only can you relate to Michelle, you can see a little bit of her in you also. I am sure, as many will agree, when you read this book, it is one that tempts you to delve deeper into it to see if love really can find a way. I found myself cheering Michelle to get her wish. This is not a book you can pick up and set down, as the twist and turns keep you going from the beginning to the end. Pleasantly pleased with a book worth the look, Diamonds Take Forever is one of those books you should have forever to read again and again.

— Wendi R. Felter-Gabbidon, Writers Unlimited . . . read more . . . >

The perfect plane book, a great little vacation novel…

Kelly Ryan, host of CBC’s Freestyle . . . read more . . . >

Jessica Jiji’s *Diamonds* rocks the Kasbah with this fun, clever take on life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. Loved it!”

— Liz Maverick, author of “What a Girl Wants”

Centred around a love story, Jiji’s novel explores the themes of ethnicity, self-pride and individuality in a simple and sincere, but artistic and colourful way that shows how in the complex urban setting of New York, everyday people continue to get along with each other, despite stark differences in their belief systems and traditions.”

— Inter Press Service . . . read more . . . >

5 out of 5 stars Debut book is tops! I was blown away by the first novel of Jessica Jiji. Michelle is having to start over after breaking up with her boyfriend. Not only has she been dumped by the man that she thought she would marry, she also has to find a new and affordable place to live in New York City. This is a story of how Mish (as she is affectionately known by her sister) gets her life back on track and looks for a new love. Will she get together with Benny (or Bennett, the name he has adopted since he moved from NYC to the West Coast) the stoner turned QT lawyer/journalist. Will she get The Ring that she wants? Will she have to leave NYC to keep her job? This isn’t just about her looking for love, this novel is about her life. Will we read this book again and again and wait anxiously until the next one by Jessica Jiji? That last one is an affirmative!.

— Reader Comment from M. H. Fayad “Mideast/Midwest”

This is a story that every woman can relate to. The writer shows some very real understanding of the way young women think and feel [and] obviously has talent.”

— Lighthouse Literary Review

Like the diamonds in the title, this novel has flashes of brilliance.

— Romantic Times

5 out of 5 stars – a different kind of chick-lit. This story stands out from other formula chick-lit because the heroine’s quest for Prince Charming is complicated not only by the usual obstacles, but by interesting cultural clashes within her family. This ethnic spice livens up the story and kept me reading until the end…very highly recommended!”

— Reader Comment from “Book Lover ESO”

From page one, you’re cheering till our heroine drops the wrong guy like last season’s shoes, and then gets the man who will never go out of style. The ending leaves you waiting for Jessica Jiji’s next.”

— Mary Castillo, author of “Hot Tamara”

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