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Diamonds Take Forever
…one of those books you should have forever to read again and again.

by Wendi R. Felter-Gabbidon

What happens if you lost all those things you have lusted and craved for?

That is just what happens to Michelle. She lost her apartment and was dumped by her sexy boyfriend, who decides the DEA looks mighty fine. Michelle must take and make assessments of her future and what she wants out of her life. While living at home holds no appeal, she ends up living in a store she has sublet. Living in NYC and trying to find an apartment you can afford can be the pits as Michelle finds out.

Into her life comes an old flame, Benny, who is in the process of getting a divorce. She gets an offer of a new job, which has a promotion, and the world kind of looks rosy. Benny is not quite divorced and lives in California, so a long distance romance comes into play. Michelle is looking for love, wanting a relationship that will last the tests of time and a career, all at the same time. Will she get her wish? Is Benny the man for her?

Diamonds Take Forever by Jessica Jiji is a book that you can relate to no matter where in the world you are. The book seems as if a movie is playing out in your mind, letting you see the key players as they deal with real life situations like all of us do. At one time or another we have all had the wrong guy and searched for Mr. Right as Michelle does, hoping that we find him. That search of Michelle’s captivated me as I read page after page to find out if love would really find a way to make it all right with her. I found myself cheering Michelle to get her wish. While you are shown the melting pot of America you are also shown that despite all our differences we can all get along together and help each other out–as Michelle finds out when her life is going haywire.

While this is her first book, Jessica Jiji has impressed me with how well her characters came to life on the pages. Not only can you relate to Michelle, you can see a little bit of her in you also. I am sure, as many will agree, when you read this book, it is one that tempts you to delve deeper into it to see if love really can find a way. I found myself cheering Michelle to get her wish. This is not a book you can pick up and set down, as the twist and turns keep you going from the beginning to the end. Pleasantly pleased with a book worth the look, Diamonds Take Forever is one of those books you should have forever to read again and again.

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